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Our mission


Kingsway Services is an asphalt paving company in Wayne County, Ohio. Founded in 2019 and operating since 2020, the Kingsway Team strives to offer a great customer experience while providing the services and solutions you need.“Service Minded, Solution Driven” is more than a tagline for us; it is a way of life.

Our values

Build trust

Trust is our currency. We seek to build trust with our team, vendors, and customers. We do this by doing what we say when we say and by always doing the right thing.

Take extreme ownership

We take ownership over the outcomes. Every individual in our organization has a duty to take responsibility for the results of their work. From Laborer to President, it is the duty of the individual to take ownership of their world and their fellow team members.

stay humble & hungry

Our path is about relentless improvement and service. We prioritize ongoing learning, innovative thinking, and a service-first approach. Recognizing every challenge as an opportunity, we remain grounded in humility, driven by a hunger for success that benefits all.

Build better relationships

We seek to build better relationships with all those that touch our organization. Team members, customers, and vendors alike. We see every relationship as an opportunity to elevate and serve the individual not ourselves.

improvise, adapt & overcome

We view all situations as an opportunity to learn, grow and overcome. We seek solutions, not excuses. In the world of construction, you must stay scrappy and resilient to execute the mission at hand.


Simply put, we love people through our appreciation, understanding, forgiveness, and honest interaction.

Our History

Located in the heart of Wayne County, Ohio, Kingsway Services stands as a beacon of excellence in asphalt paving. Our team, driven by a commitment to enhancing community life, takes pride in delivering not just paving solutions, but an exceptional customer experience tailored to your unique needs.

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