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Does Paving A Driveway Increase Home Value?

Does Paving A Driveway Increase Home Value? As a homeowner, you take pride in the outward appearance of your home. However, many residents leave a key component of their property unattended. That key component is the driveway. The appearance of your drive can heavily affect the first impression you make on a potential buyer. Having a paved driveway can increase your property value.

Let's go over the effects of pavement versus other types of driveways.

What value will your home gain from a paved driveway?

Don't shy from the cost of paving your drive. What you may not realize is that your driveway can bring in what you spend for the pavement, if not more when you sell your home. Not only that, paving a driveway can open up the opportunity to create a level and wider surface. The width of your drive may attract more potential buyers. A roomy driveway that is edged off with plants, bricks, or stone is very welcoming.

Your neighborhood

Don't let the "grass be greener on the other side," or in this case, don't let your drive look unkempt in comparison to your neighbor's. The surroundings of your home have a large impact on its value. If your current drive doesn't compare very well to the houses next to yours, you will want to consider getting it paved. Even if your unpaved drive is significantly more appealing than your neighbor's, it is still good to consider asphalt pavement for longevity and curbside appeal.


So your paved drive needs a few fixes. Rather than installing a completely new drive, you can resurface it. This is a more cost-friendly way to raise your property value and fix your drive. The simple act of clearing stray grass and weeds or sealing cracks can really clean up the appearance of your driveway.


If you have a gravel driveway, you know the struggles of constant maintenance. The changing seasons bring mud. Endless ruts make coming home a little bumpy, and your tires kick up loose gravel into your lawn. Many of those looking for new homes are also aware of the downsides of a gravel lane. We highly recommend replacing your gravel drive with asphalt pavement. This saves you time maintaining your property and it won't chase off your potential buyers.


Why are more homeowners switching to asphalt drives? Concrete was a popular way to pave lanes, but many now know the benefits of an asphalt paved drive. Asphalt pavement is more affordable and the material is flexible to the changes in the weather. When winter hits, snow and ice will melt off your drive faster than if it were on concrete. Plus, the dark color of asphalt allows your drive to have less noticeable stains from fuel, oil, or dirt.

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